Sheri Carrothers - Sheri's Designs

Being creative is just part of who I am, it’s what makes me happy. As a child I loved rocks, crafts, sewing and cooking. I haven’t changed too much over the years, except now the rocks I collect are tiny and sparkly! What I love most about what I do is the stories that accompany each piece I design. I love when clients tell me what each item will represent. I feel very honoured to make such a special design for them. I’m proud to say that my specialty is “mother’s rings”. I specialize in sterling silver and solid gold. As a mom, I love wearing jewelry that represents those most special in my life. I enjoy seeing how happy it makes my girls when they see me wear jewelry that represents our family.

I enjoy learning from other artisans as we all have something to teach and share with one another. I also love handpicking as many of my gems as possible!

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